Perseus may’ve fought various mythological demons and ventured into the gruelling Tartarus. But, Toni Braxton fought her way through extreme financial struggle and managed to climb out of the depths of financial torment. She’s back into the music world now, and…….well…….let’s just say that Braxton is in good enough shape to purchase a 5,323 sq ft home in Calabasas, CA for a reported $2.97 million. Can’t think of any other way to celebrate such an event other than buying a new house with a generous floor plan and throwing a big party on it.

The floor plan consists of 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. There are two dining areas: one formal and one casual. Flooring is a combination of hardwood and carpet. The living room contains a fireplace and is spacious for massive entertainment. The kitchen’s overall look and design emits a homey feel, and would easily beckon the one who lays eyes upon it. Additional fireplaces can be found throughout the premises. The backside of the estate is nicely equipped with a swimming pool, hot tub, little zen lounge, and a BBQ area.

Other than poolside seating, there’s a lounge area by a fireplace. Overall, this is a great buy for the resurrected Toni Braxton, and is, of course, well-deserved.

Address: 25281 Prado Del Grandioso, Calabasas CA 91302