As if we even have to tell you what this guy’s been up to for the last 30-something years. When The New PrinceSmith’s movie career ended in 1996. Smith became one of the greatest film stars around the globe, having started with Independence Day. He has starred in many films since that movie blockbuster. Ali, Men in BlackHe was nominated for his first Oscar. Happiness is the pursuit of happiness(which earned him his second). I Am Legend Suicide Squad AladdinAnd Bad Boys For LifeThese are just a few examples. 

He also started his solo career in 1997. He eventually released four albums. DJ Jazzy JeffIt was the catalyst for many hits, including “Gettin’ Jiggy wit It,” (“Miami”), “Men in Black,” (Men in Black”) and “Wild Wild West.”

He also got married to actress in the same year. Jada Pinkett Smith. Two children were born to the couple, one son. JadenAnd daughter WillowSmith is dad to Smith TreyFrom his first marriage.