Whose home? Dad’s house!

Super Bowl 2022 is the game that will be remembered. Matthew Stafford‘s career thus far, but as he prepares to face off against the Cincinnati Bengals on Feb. 13, the Los Angeles Rams quarterback knows it’s not necessarily the game that matters most.

While Super Bowl rings and football titles are great, there is nothing like being a father to a daughter. When he’s not breaking a sweat during training or throwing touchdowns in a stadium, Matthew can likely be found spending quality time with his wife, Kelly StaffordTheir four daughters, a husband and wife: twins aged 4 years old ChandlerAnd Sawyer, 3-year-old HunterA 19-month old Tyler Hall.

He never forgets to think about his girls, even when he’s away at work. Matthew expressed gratitude to the team at home for their help during a playoff press conference.

Kelly was the reason I could do it, he stated. Kelly is an amazing part of our lives. She is a wonderful person and I am so blessed to have my children and be able to share the life with them. It is my best experience in life.”