“It’s not a very serious science manual, but it’s a serious motivational manual,” Waterson said, explaining his approach to sharing his tricks of the trade, which included detailing the more relatable aspects of these actors’ fitness journeys. Craig for example, was hard at work all week and then enjoyed his weekend pints. 

The truth is, somebody can’t do this for you. You, the reps and the miles. For you but does usually work out right alongside his clients) said. “I’m just there to motivate, though a lot of actors are so highly motivated, I spend a lot of my time trying to Motivate“Please listen. Just take a break, relax, and then have a good beer.

Take, for instance, getting Tom Hiddleston, a rugby player and cross-country runner in earlier years, into extra-buff shape for Skull Island, KongWaterson recalls, “I am trying to go. Tom, please stop doing so many miles. There’s a movie to make!”