You can see this actor without his shirt in the girl-crazy film Magic Mike. You can also see this actor without his shirt………again…… the non-glistening HBO series, “True Blood.” Yep, Joe Manganiello. Alright guys (if applicable) and gals, settle down. Joe Manganiello purchased a bachelor pad in good ole Los Angeles, CA for $1.826 million under a trust. In addition to this factoid, Alcide here paid roughly $50,000 over the original asking price. He certainly didn’t fuss over it, knowing that True Blood is officially set for another season (beginning 2014) . The big bad wolf is also currently involved in three projects, one of which is in the pre-production phase. The remaining two are in post-production.

Wolf headquarters is specifically located in Hollywood Hills West and right on the strip. No people, Joe Manganiello’s not about to strip for you. The house was built in 1963, which can be inferred by examining the overall design of the exterior. Parking consists of a 2-car garage and side-street parking. Standing proudly infront of the house is a row of attached medieval-like pillars. As Pack Master Alcide navigates his way to the front door, he’ll be greeted by a perfect amount of foliage along the way. The stylized windows, front doors, and exterior paint job assist with preserving the original charm the 1963-built home has to offer. Don’t even think once about trespassing Joe’s space; he’ll claw you to death.

The 2,422 sq ft residence weighs in at 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. No more having to resort to using pine cones! Everything in the house is up to par with today’s standard of living. After Joe’s done with working out at the local gym, he can workout again (good chance that’s what he’s going to do anyway) in his new fairly spacious living room. From this point and onward, the floor plan is flowy. The living room pours out nicely into a ravishing backyard. Although the hot tub can be just alittle bit bigger………just alittle bit…….As for the pool, it’s adequate. The bed of various tree and plant life is what truly represents the backside of the premises. Returning our attention to the living room, it’s furnished with a fireplace and a good view of backyard activity.

Mr. Manganiello will fuel his post-workout physique in a nook of the good-sized rectangular kitchen, which includes a microwave and single stainless steel oven with medium restaurant-style vent. A dishwasher is also included. The kitchen actually has a bonus feature; a cutesy bar area with a mini wine refridgerator. Can’t deprive your body of the goods, even if you’re like Joe Manganiello and have a perfect 8-pack! When Joe’s done swimming consecutively for 5 hours, he can sit down in an indoor patio room and take a breather. The next room over may serve as a mini living room, complete with a fireplace. Additionally, one of the rooms is an executive-style office. All in all, excellent bargain, Joe.

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