Being a wealthy established musician may be tough. But, when you’re multi-talented, high in demand, likable, and favored by the camera, there’s no denying that exceptional success will follow. The black beard of all black beards and Foo Fighters founder, Dave Grohl, listed his three-story getaway in Oxnard, CA for $3.25 million. In accordance to the data shown on zillowblog, it’s been listed for approximately 1 1/2 months now. Forget the haters, Dave. Sooner or later, people will succumb to your fair price on the prestigious beach house. In the meantime, focus on Foo Fighters’ new album which you briefly mentioned about this past February at the Brit Awards. We’re all surely awaiting its release.

The three-story beach-based getaway was built in 2005. It stands proud and tall with a square footage of 3,088, overlooking the vast beachy landscape of Mandalay Beach. Lot interestingly measures 2,875 sq ft. To be alittle more specific from earlier, the home is located in north Oxnard. The northern part of Oxnard caters to those who prefer more of a subtle and quiet life. Grohl’s beach house keeps parking in mind greatly with a 4-car garage. Future owners or owner and guests will be greeted with opposing palm trees, two on each side of the driveway. Each palm tree is, more or less, identical to its paired other. The four palm trees out front represent outdoor decor nicely. Any more palm trees, and the collective appeal would potentially be suffocating.

The overall exterior gives off a feel-good aura. You’d feel right at home and on vacation, all at the same time. Floor plan consists of 4 bedrooms, 3 of which are upstairs. The remaining bedroom can be found downstairs. Each bedroom is equipped with its own bathroom, so be sure to first knock on the bedroom door first! At the bottom-most level (excluding the garage) is the kitchen, which incorporates the concept of a restaurant & bar. And you know what, it works! The only catch here is there’s limited navigable space. Kitchen is generously furnished with a double-stacked oven, microwave, refridgerator that leads to Narnia, and a triple-bowl stainless steel sink. Other amenities include fireplace, washer, dryer, and garbage disposal.

Choose to dine in Grohl’s bar & grill or the adjacent dining room. After you’re done eating like a rock star, you can head over to the attached entertainment room and watch Dave Grohl’s documentary, “Sound City.” This film actually marks his directoral debut. In short, all rooms on the first level practically pour into one another. One of the bedrooms contain a walk-in closet, which can very well serve as an additional bedroom. The future rulers of this beach palace and honored guests will be treated to a full oceanic view via the balcony on the first floor or second. If they wish to get a closer look at the beach, or better yet, physically feel it, then they can descend down a convenient flight of stairs via the first floor balcony. They can also choose to be complicated, yet adventurous, and walk through the front door and go around back. Grohl’s actually selling this place $50,000 less than the price he bought it at!

Address: 965 Mandalay Beach Rd, Oxnard CA 93035