Although this noteworthy celebrity in particular can be seen in a line of TV appearances and fairly short and brief movie roles, she stood out distinctively in The Help. Her performance in this film was so superb that she remarkably received an Oscar award for “Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role.” This woman has also been showered with other accreditations to recognize her unforgettable appeal in the movie. You’ve guessed it. Octavia Spencer purchased a home in Toluca Lake, CA somewhere around late April of this year. By the looks of it, it seems to resemble more of a getaway home as opposed to a permanent residency. Nonetheless, it sure does appear to be a neat little cot………minus the excruciating amount of foliage by the patio.

The relatively small celebrity pad was built in 1927. It was actually once inhabited by Antonio Banderas. Just kidding. You must admit though that the spanish-esque exterior contextually shouts “Banderas was here!” The 1,714 sq ft casa is evidently encased with a different variety of decorative trees. The premises is also conveniently gated and fenced in with brick pillars and black borders to promote further privacy and security. Collectively, Spencer’s potential vacay home is, thus far, a fairly hidden gem in Toluca Lake. Floor plan is comprised of 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. House was renovated to comply with today’s style of living, all the while preserving its original old-fashioned vibe. The architectural birth of the spanish-style cot may be shown in the arched entryways that are connecting the rooms.

Flooring is of dark and sleek hard wood, so no slipping and sliding! Kitchen flooring is tile, as well as the top of the traditional celebrity island-style table. While we’re mapping out the kitchen, Octavia is treated to pre-furnished basics; single oven with stovetop, microwave, dishwasher, double-bowl stainless steel sink, and refridgerator. The refridgerator contains a freezer storage bin at the bottom. Aside from the included amenities, lush white cabinets are quite eye-catching. The kitchen wall paint job gives a sense of diversity and liveliness throughout the interior of the house. All mirrors in each room are very intricate. The one along the path to the front door is actually that of the living room’s, at least one of them. The living room is great in size. It can theoretically be sectioned off into a little lounge area by where the arched mirrior is.

Octavia and her family or friends would enjoy sitting by the fireplace comfortably while watching TV on a 50 in. flat screen. To the right of the fireplace is an extremely courteous built-in mahogany book cabinet. Now that’s pretty cool! I’ve never seen such a thing personally. House also includes ceiling fans and a generous chandelier. Another great feature of the house is the beautiful open backyard. The inside perimeter is nicely decorated with medium-sized trees and has enough space for a nice BBQ. All of this, for $841,500? Not bad, not bad. Furthermore, this residence is a matter of minutes away from a high-class shopping outlet and line of restaurants.

Address: 4419 Mariota Ave, Toluca Lake CA 91602