You will find it everywhere you turn Bob Saget‘s impact.

Jodie SweetinShe was the comedian’s child on eight seasons. The Full HouseDuring the April 18 episode,, sat down with a panel of experts to discuss her dad onscreen. Conversations with Olivia JadePodcast. She shares his openness and warmth towards his family and on-screen, and how it influenced her parenting styles later in life.

It was Bob’s inclusiveness that I recall, when I reflect back. He didn’t talk to them like they were idiots—and he did the same with me,” she told host Olivia JadeHis mother was Lori LoughlinSaget also collaborated with him. The Full House. “He treated my with the respect of a young person.”

Elle continued: “I understand that, when you have kids, it’s possible to joke with them, and have actual conversations.”

Calling the castAnd crew a “family unit,” Sweetin said that Saget—along with castmates John Stamos and Dave Coulier—impacted the way she viewed adulthood and “brought a level of humor to my parenting that my kids are also inheriting.”