Olivia Holt is grieving the loss of a family member she held close.

It It’s a cruel summerThe actress was there to share the news of her deceased cousin Jase ParkerInstagram: A series of videos and photos of them together.

“It’s been a heavy couple of days,” she wrote on April 19. It’s still hard to believe. I’m not sure if I will ever understand this. It’s strange to even be here, sharing my little memories and not being there.

On February 28, she posted that Jase, who was 18 months old when diagnosed with rare cancer, had lost his brother. Kaden‘s life. Elle continued by saying that her husband “fought the fight harder than ever”, despite all of his pain and laughing throughout it all.

She said, “i am so happy that your little body doesn’t have to suffer anymore pain.” “You didn’t deserve all of this pain. Jase Parker, you were an angel here on earth. You are a force to reckon with. You’ve never met anyone else. I learned from you how to be kind, strong and compassionate.