It’s not often that you hear NASCAR drivers buying or owning luxury homes. Perhaps it’s because they do so under the radar gun, or at least try to. NASCAR’s Jimmie Johnson actually just apartment-hopped recently in New York. Johnson went from a 3 bed and 3.5 bath (which he purchased for approximately $8.5 million in 2009) to a 5 bed and 4.5 bath. Jimmie bought it at the asking price of $14.25 million. I guess that when you’re a big-time NASCAR driver and manage to sell a home for a $2 million profit, you can afford to do a switch-a-roo in the big city. Interesting enough, Jimmie’s new condo is located in the same building as his now former condo.

But enough about Jimmie showing off his assets. His former apartment measures at 2,626 sq ft. Floor plan allows for easy navigation. All rooms contain large windows that beckon your attention. They offer views of a massive body of water, distant parts of the city, and ones that are close by. Dining room’s adjacent to the kitchen, which accommodates cooking and lounging. You can choose to sit on the other side of the kitchen sink and enjoy a glass of wine or alcoholic beverage of your choosing. Nice place, overall. But, I’m sure that Jimmie and his wife are lovin’ it a few floors up at their new 3,234 sq ft apartment. Ba-da-da-da-da. Some amenities include a 24-hour doorman, playroom for children, and gym.

Address: 400 West 12th St, New York NY 10014