You probably wouldn’t guess whose beautiful white expansive home this is. Give up already? His name is Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid. Really though, it’s Kid Rock’s place. Yeah, mostly noone else ever thought that he had good taste in remodeling and decor either. Then again, when you have a handful of classy hits out and just spewed out a gold album, you can afford an architect and remodeler. The “American Badass” of rock has been in the going quite strongly. He’s currently doing a tour on land and will be doing a tour on a cruise ship for a 5th consecutive time. The Kid’s been doing well and living it, judging by the 1.54 acre residency he still has.

After 7 years of inhabiting the monstrous 5 bed and 5 bath home, Rock finally put it out on the market. The main entrance requires you to walk a semi-lengthy pathway accompanied by a perfect amount of foliage. You can already see the generously-sized garage. Get ready to tip your cowboy/cowgirl hats once you enter the premises, because there’s some horny skulls in these parts. The house was built in 2002. There’s practically a fireplace in every room. You also have a music producer’s sanctuary (studio), various living rooms, and a big kitchen w/ attached bar countertop and seating.

There’s also an on-site personal gym. Wait til’ you see the backyard. Not only is it perfect for holding a cookout pool party, but…….yeah……’s perfect for holding a cookout pool party. The pool’s fairly large and accommodates poolside seating. Adjacent to the pool is a lounge area that actually blends in with the nearbyshrubbery. How cool is that! The price tag on this full 8,305 sq ft Malibu home is currently $13.45 million.

Address: 28830 Bison Ct, Malibu CA 90265