This home was once inhabited by a notorious deceased rock star celebrity. He grew up in said house, and eventually moved onto acclaimed stardom. He was lead singer for the distinguishable classic psychedelic rock band, The Doors. Jim Morrison‘s name speaks for itself. Him and the rest of the family relocated to Arlington, VA as a result of his father being in the U.S. Navy. What did you expect, a three-story Hollywood-style bachelor pad!? While the traditional exterior of Morrison’s childhood home doesn’t resemble Hollywood value, it’s rich with history and hundreds of renovation dollars.

Prior to the renovations made on Morrison residence, it was relatively small, yet simple and homey. And so it remains homey decades later. You must hand it to the historical multitude of owners of this house. While many alterations were made, it was collectively not known to any of the inhabitants that they were living in la casa de Morrison until news reporters stormed the current owner’s front door. This is possibly the best arguable trait the home possesses. One would be shocked if they resided in a home, which, the whole time, was once inhabited by Lindsay Lohan. Alright, maybe not Lindsay Lohan………..The homey Morrison house eventually became one of the largest residencies on the block.

Onto the additions made to the old-fashioned casa! For starters, past owners managed to honor and preserve the home’s exterior. Renovations include a new dining room, living room, and master bedroom. Premises comes equipped with a considerably-sized parking lot and a patio (located in the back of the house) with nice seating arrangements. The patio sits ontop of a ginormous backyard area. It’s so large that it can accommodate the largest of after-concert parties or dozens of little chitlins running around and playing. You’ll also find a lengthy walkway composed of large pieces of rock. As you make your way down, you’ll pass beautiful greenery.

Approximately a dozen of trees were cut down to add another wing to the house. That’s fine and dandy though. In place of the sacrificial trees is an irrigation system, a hot tub, and fencing for further privacy. Morrison’s childhood home is already nestled in a quiet area.
Setting the renovations aside, you’ll feel as though you’re visiting Morrison as a child as you walk through that front door. At the same token, current furnishings give off alittle more of a modern vibe. House has a nice kitchen where you can treat your hunger and replenish lost fluids from all of that rockin’…………and partying.

The entire home measures 2,364 sq ft. and weighs in at 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Morrison and his family started out with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms when they moved in. The current price is $949,900. Who would not want to buy Morrison’s childhood home, honestly (Dr. Evil voice)?

Home Address: 2320 N Evergreen St, Arlington VA 22207