Just when you thought that triumphant actors, directors, gleaming music stars, and pro basketball players are the only ones who have been livin’ it up. Wayne Gretzky, the worldly renown hockey legend, has been, in fact, dabbling in real estate ever since retiring from hockey in 99′. A decade following his retirement, Gretzky decided to coach a local hockey team. Gretzky managed to score a monstrous profit of $18.5 million on his home in Thousand Oaks, CA home in 2007. Now, he’s finally putting his Scottsdale, AZ residency on the ice. Gretzky snagged the 5,619 sq ft spanish Mediterranean-style home in 2003 for approximately $2 million. Respectively, the asking price is currently $3.395 million.

It’s reported that die hard Gretzky fans have willingly spent more than $500,000 for Gretzky memorabilia! Would a Gretzky fanatic unhesitatingly lay down $3.4 million on Gretzky’s private island? One thing’s certain; Gretzkynites are surely drooling too close on ice over the house and getting their tongues stuck………….while dreaming that they’re going to be the next owner of such a property. Upon arriving at Gretzky residence, you’ll immediately feel a sense of seclusion and privacy. This is just setting aside the fact that there’s a count of only 12 other homes within the gated community. Visitors will be greeted by two gates that lead to the house itself. It should be noted that this place is in the bowels of a gated community for…….you know……..making it difficult for the Gretzky cult to reach Gretzky himself.

The second thing that may catch visitors eyes is the clean look and feel the exterior of the house has to offer, followed by Camelback Mountain overlooking the lush estate. The casa is a 4 bedroom and 5 bathroom. The main house envelopes 3 bedrooms, each having their own bathroom. This is excluding the guest bathroom. The detached mini-house consists of the additional bedroom and bathroom, along wth a convenient bench facing the main house and a large pool. The interior shouts complexity, yet elegance. For the most part, all walls containing the same color is boring. For some reason, it works here. Perhaps it’s the type of furnishings, curtains, and light fixtures that compliment one another.

Kitchen has adequate navigable space. Cooking area is restaurant-style, with a large vent for absorbing the smoke produced by Gretzky-inspired meals (I don’t know how to define this type of meal either). Flooring consists of carpet, wood, and tiles. Ceiling fans, fireplace, dishwasher, microwave, and refrigerator are included in the price. Fine shopping, dining, and schools are within Gretzky palace’s reach. More importantly, you don’t need to travel far to party, because a ginormous “The Hangover” party can easily be held at……well…….Gretzky’s. Much is generously being offered for $3.395 million. It’s just a matter of time until a Gretzkynite, a fellow celebrity, or a surprising buyer snags the place.

Home Address: 6436 E Gainsborough Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251