It’s not as common witnessing a deceased celebrity’s house on the market than a live one’s. If you’re a 30’s-50’s movie aficionado, then there’s a chance you may’ve heard of this Texas-born film director and producer. This man also happened to be a multi-millionaire and an extreme airplane enthusiast. Hughes’s interest in planes extended so far to the point where he founded an airplane company, built and flew his own planes, and broke world air speed records. With a Dos Equis-like reputation, Howard Hughes climbed to the pinnacle of wealth and gained position as the most richest man in the world. It wasn’t long until he commenced purchasing property, one of which is a log cabin-style home in Lake Tahoe.

The Crystal Bay residency was built in 1934, and remained untouched ever since Hughes’s death (1976). It’s rumored that the iconic and memorable Marilyn Monroe and Howard Hughes knew each other well……..perhaps a little too well. But, this may’ve not been a surprise to most, knowing that Monroe was a major movie star and Hughes’s was well-known in the cinema department. The secluded Nevada estate gem served primarily as a hideaway for high-stake card games, sharing drink, and…….well…….women. Howard Hughes Co. managed to hold the house in its original state until 1995, when the property was purchased for $3.5 million. And so Hughes headquarters is still preserved, at least its original appeal. The present owners are currently pushing for a whopping $19.5 million.

50’s Party Central stretches an inhumane 240,015 sq ft, with the home being 2,518 sq ft. The house easily overlooks a distant lush landscape, accompanied by a beautiful body of water and stepping rocks. Surrounding the premises are long decorative pine trees. Already does this sound like a perfect site for filming Folger’s commercials. The entire home is a 5 bedroom and 4 bathroom. The bathrooms and kitchen in the main house were renovated. Consequentially, the new owner(s) will immediately have a dishwasher and refrigerator accessible upon, somehow, forking over $19.5 million. Included in the price is also a fireplace, jacuzzi, and a 4-car garage.

The interior, as a whole, gives off a luxurious hotel vibe. One could tell that the house is aged, yet modern. Bathrooms emphasize on elegance and safety (courtesy of the pre-installed single black hand railings on both). The shower in one of the two bathrooms contain decorative classic tile work. The living room provides room for a 6-seater table and additional seating arrangements by the fireplace. One could enjoy a nice cold beer or a cliche cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows while peering through the window and looking at the vast distant landscape. With all that the Lake Tahoe estate has to offer, the current asking price may or not be steep. One thing’s certain; the site reeks of legendary characters and interesting history.

Home Address: 26 Calaneva Dr, Crystal Bay, NV 89402