Many homeowners often dream of living in an Instagram-worthy home. Even though the main purpose of a home is to offer comfort, there’s nothing wrong if you design yours stylishly.

Different websites and magazines can offer us a glimpse into the homes of celebrities. Truth be told, it’s easy to recreate celebrity homes without bringing an interior designer on board in this decade. Here’s how.

Stick to a theme

Chances are you’ve flipped through the pages of magazines and websites looking for inspiration. The bottom line is that you should know the type of theme you want early on. This will influence your choice of accessories and furniture pieces.

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Your theme can revolve around certain colors or your interests. The earlier you define it, the easier it is to achieve balance.

Embrace minimalism

One common trait of celebrity homes is organization. If you notice, their homes are always free of clutter. Recreating hotel vibes or celebrityhomes is far from filling your space with irrelevant or distracting stuff. The key is to hold on to the things that matter.

You may not even splurge much money on acquiring new stuff. Remember to incorporate clean lines and open floor plans in each room.

Scale matters

Prioritize comfort over following any random trend when styling your home like a celebrity. Focus on scale, especially if space is at a premium. The best thing is to add only the important pieces of furniture. Consider investing in the multipurpose ones.

Use green plants

Your luxury home is incomplete without plants. Fresh flowers or house plants will do the trick. Just put them in fancy planters, and your home will be transformed instantly. 

Revamp your walls

Bring your walls to life by adding a fresh coat of paint, designing a gallery wall, or an accent wall. This approach will help you make your walls the focal point of your living room. It’s advisable to stick to a neutral palette for a classic look.

Choose a paint color that will look sleek in both natural and artificial light.

Express your personality

There is no need to totally replicate a celebrity home that you admire. This is because it can be daunting to get every element they used. Besides, the outcome won’t be unique. That said, let your personality seep into your space.

It’s possible to design a luxury home that will stand the test of time. Adding small details will go a long way to transform your house into a home. Get creative and design décor pieces for your walls or display unit. Perhaps you’ve won some awards in the past, be proud to show off your accomplishments.

Add throw pillows

Pillows play a huge role in the appearance of your home. They are a must-have for every modern living room. Add some throw pillows to bring depth and beauty to your space. They are among the accessories that can soften the look of your living room.