Switching up your interior design has never been easier with the following tips. You can turn your living space from house to home by putting your own, elegant, personal stamp on the place, welcoming guests into your home with eye catching focal points, stunning conversation starters and classical centre pieces. We have gathered some beautiful interior design trends, delivered straight to you. From texture and definition, switches to lighting, we have some fabulous advice for your transforming your living space.

Textures and Definition

Textures and definition are the first step to consider when switching up your interior design. You can enjoy a variety of fabrics and colours when introducing these elements into your home. Definition is brought in by introducing classical pieces of furniture to liven up a hollow corner or fill up a large, bland wall. You can incorporate beautiful storage pieces in living room or dining room alcoves and bring in the texture through your scatter cushions, throws, rugs, wall art, and accent décor. Be sure to layer up with your texture and definition, creating a space with a three-dimensional feel, staying away from the two-dimensional flat feel a bland open room can sometimes introduce.

Light Switches

Switches in your home can transform the space entirely. Never underestimate the power a simple change in light switch has on your entire home. These subtle finishing touches tie a room in all together, leaving no patch of your home unfinished you’ve really added in the finer details and sense of finesse with this one.

Image Credit: Buster & Punch | Light Switches


When it comes to lighting, it’s all about assessing its usability and visual aesthetic. Be sure to place the lighting in spots around the house where you’ll get the best use and visual pleasure. Good lighting enhances the mood and desirability of a living space and can help stabilise your circadian rhythm, helping improve your overall mood and contributing to better night’s sleep. Aside from improving our mental health, visually, good lighting is beautiful, aesthetically pleasing and completely transforms any home. You can allocate spots around your home for lighting specific for reading, centre pieces, and low-level lighting for dinner parties.

Fabric Headboard

Fabric accent headboards will add a chic, elegant look to your home. For example, making a large headboard from floor to wall will transform your entire bedroom to a luxuriously sophisticated room with a focal centre piece. A statement headboard really adds five-star luxury as well as being the perfect opportunity to add a variety of textures and fabrics to your bedroom. For the added touch of elegance and to really switch up your interior design you can consider incorporating electric wiring in your headboard for additional lighting by your bedside tables. You can really pack a punch with a statement headboard, be ready to wow your guests when you show them around your new home.