Have dry wood termites taken over your home and it’s just too much to ignore? Fumigation is the only way to properly rid your home of the nasty little critters and other undesirable pests. 

It’s intimidating to think about getting your house fumigated and you might be feeling overwhelmed and worried about being unprepared. 

Don’t get too flustered. Here are five easy steps and safety tips to help you prepare your home for fumigation.

1. Remove All Living Things

Fumigation is not desirable for any living thing. Make sure that all the people and animals living in your home are off the premises. This goes the same for house plants, remove all of them.

Pets should not be left in the yard as they may be exposed to harmful fumigants. Put them up in a kennel for a few days or at a family member’s house. Your plants can hang out in the yard but it goes without saying that your family and you will need to find somewhere to stay for a few days.

2. Protect Consumable Items

You have the option of removing consumable items, everything from pet food to medication, from the house completely. Or you need to double-bag all consumables in a special purpose fumigation bag. Unopened canned goods can remain as is.

In the weeks leading up to the fumigation, try to keep consumable purchasing at a minimum so that you don’t need to throw out, remove or double-bag an excess of stuff.

3. Open Every Door

If it can be opened, open it. Every room door, wardrobe, cabinet, drawers, should be open. You want the fumigant gas to reach every nook and cranny in the house. Prepare your home adequately so that you can guarantee success. 

4. Shutoff Gas

If you use natural gas in your home, you will need to schedule with your provider to have it shut off. If you use propane tanks, you can shut the gas off yourself. This should be done for the scheduled day when preparing for fumigation.

5. Prepare Yard

Termite tenting takes up a lot of space. You will want to check that any plants, trees, and shrubs close to your home will remain outside of the fumigation tent. Prune and cut back any that may creep into the tented region.

Give your yard a good watering as this will help to protect your plants and lawn. This is a great opportunity to do a little yard maintenance and kill two birds with one stone.  

Are You Ready for Fumigation?

These five fumigation preparation steps are the most important things to consider and do. Start now, slowly getting things done so that you’re not caught unprepared on the day. You want to ensure your home is safe, and that the fumigation will be successful.

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