5 Celebrity Home Renovations to Take Inspiration From

Celebrities usually have a lavish lifestyle, and people may fantasize about how their homes look like. Their homes may have amenities such as cinemas, swimming pools, industrial-sized kitchens, among others. The homes of celebrities may be made of fantastic interiors that can offer inspiration to home renovation projects.

When looking into a celebrity’s home, you may be looking for inspiration, or you may be snooping without any need to judge. Celebrity homes provide a lot of entertainment, and people are also left with many questions. For instance, people may be interested in learning about the number of rooms in a celebrity’s home and the number of gardeners they have hired to cater to their property.

Fortunately, it is easy to take inspiration from celebrity homes since they usually document their lives on different social media platforms such as Instagram. In this article, the main focus will be on five celebrity home renovations that offer inspiration, and they include:

1.    Mila Kunis

Although she’s currently living with Ashton Kutcher currently, Mila Kunis once resided in a condo located in West Hollywood. She resides in a separate unit located in the same building as her parents. Recently, she joined the hall of fame because of the gift she presented during Mother’s Day. She went ahead and renovated the condo her parents were residing in as a gift.

The theme focused on “openness and brightness.” Kunis liaised with an interior designer, and she acquired new furniture. She also took down the wall meant to open up the kitchen. Together with her partner, they were hands-on the renovation project, from acquiring the furniture to ensuring it is well placed in the condo. Kunis also took a mallet and put down the kitchen wall. She believed the wall would isolate her mother from conversations being held by the entire family. The renovation process was complete in six weeks, and her parents saw the new condo that was spacious, more conductive, and brighter for the entire family.

2.    Anthony Bourdain

The famous chef has come up with different travel documentaries. The chef managed to acquire a condo in 2014 in New York City. The condo has a floor plan that was unconventional, though simple in terms of aesthetics. It is the kind of home you would want to head to after a long day at work. While renovating the condo, Bourdain utilized an earthly color tone, a little red paint for the walls, white and brown colors. For the flooring, he opted for a classical wood finish that matched the wooden front door. The furniture was minimalized, meaning there was a lot of walking space in the condo.

3.    Jimi Hendrix

The famous guitarist has a house in London. His success as an artist has inspired different individuals around the globe. So, it makes sense for people to take inspiration from the condo owned by Jimi Hendrix.

The artist’s condo was renovated after more than four decades. Currently, the condo acts as a museum used to showcase his works. Everything he left after passing away is still intact. Since Hendrix had a particular interest in interiors, he would acquire his own fabrics. Also, he would display his album covers on the wall.

4.    Britney Spears

Spears currently resides in a five-bedroom mansion in California. The house has a temperature-controlled wine cellar, a game room, a movie theater, among other features. The kitchen is filled with stainless steel appliances. Also, there is a formal dining room. The master suite also has a walk-in closet.

5.    Ellen DeGeneres

The celebrity has a mansion present on a 26-acre ranch filled with vintage art pieces and cool sculptures, including the vintage wicker chair. The mansion has nine bedrooms and a formal dining room. The master suite also has a study, family room, terraces, and a dressing room for him and her on the 2nd floor.