Harry StylesPeople were talking late at night about the new album.

His third studio album was released. Harry’s HouseOn May 20, his fans posted on social media saying that they believed that a lot of “Watermelon Sugar’ singers’ new songs (including “Cinema”, “Late Night Talking” and others) were about his girlfriend. Olivia Wilde.

Harry uses the term “darling” in the song “Cinema,” possibly referring to the film that is coming out. Do not worry darlingOlivia is a British singer/director. Also, he sings “I dig your Cinema,” while Olivia is obviously a movie star.

Harry is yet to confirm whether the lyrics refer to his girlfriend. However, fans have been able come up with other theories.

One fan tweeted, “Oh, look at that, there is a song on #HarrysHouse called ‘Cinema.’ What if Harry Styles wrote that song secretly about Olivia Wilde, why? Listen to the first thirty seconds of the song. Oh! Well, I was wrong about the ‘secretly’ part.”