It was never easy to fall in love with a young man. 

VictorMichael Cimino) is forced to make some major life decisions—all while finding himself in the middle of a high school love triangle—in this exclusive trailer for the third and final season of Hulu’s Victory is in the Heart.

Season 2 ended with a dramatic cliffhanger. Victor had to make a choice between Benji, his boyfriend (season 2) or Victor.George Sear) and newbie Rahim (Anthony Keyvan). Victor deals with the aftermath in season 3.

“Did you ever ask me about that first time I met you?” In the trailer, Victor questions Benji. Can we go back to the perfect moment? It’s okay to start again.

We know it’s never that easy—especially in high school. Benji asked Victor about anything that happened between him and Rahim. It’s not an easy question to answer.

Victor confesses that there was “something between us”. Victor admits that he thought they were best friends, but things turned out to be more complicated than I had imagined.