Anna DelveyIs it giving the word? It is claimed thatA whole new meaning.
The 31-year old (a.k.a. Anna SorokinAt the Public Hotel, New York City, ), she presented her art collection entitled “Allegedly”.

This 20-piece set was made by the ex-socialite as she is being held in Immigration and Customs Enforcement Custody. She faces deportation to Germany. (ICYMI, she managed to convince—and scam New York’s elite that she was an heiress.)

You might be wondering how she managed to present at an arts show and still remain in detention in New York State. Yeah, CelebHomes News thought the same—so we attended to see what would really—and not allegedly—happen.

First, RuPaul Drag RaceAlum Yuhua HamasakiAnna was the main focus of Netflix’s series, so Anna took the center stage. Anna Invented. “I’m a masterpiece! I’m a masterpiece,” she jokingly said to the crowd. Anna, look at me!” Just moments later, Anna the true Anna spoke to the crowd. Only, the video was pre-recorded.