Ozzy Osbourne and Bon Jovi Cover Band Final Battle

Ozzy OsbourneIt is back. 

After what his wife described as a lengthy recovery, the rocker, now 73, was able to return to the stage August 8. Sharon OsbourneNearly two months ago it was called a “very large operation.”

Ozzy participated in the closing ceremony of 2022 Commonwealth Games at Alexander Stadium, Birmingham, England. Ozzy was a musician. Black SabbathGuitarist reunion Tony IommiThey performed their hit 1970 song “Paranoid” with former bandmates. 

He did what he enjoyed again, and his loved ones were delighted. He said that he would not stop doing what he loves. Jack OsbournePosted on Instagram Stories. Sharon added Sharon: “He’s back.”

While this marked Ozzy’s first performance since his surgery, it wasn’t his first public appearance. He made his Comic-Con debut last month in San Diego, Calif.

Ozzy stated, “It is great, it’s great,” Entertainment TonightJuly 22. “I love to meet people. It’s been the most difficult thing I’ve faced over the past 3 years because it’s where my recovery from surgery has taken me. But I am making progress. “It’s a gradual climb back.