There are actors and actresses who we hear more of, and there are those who we hear less of. These actors and actresses who we don’t hear of often (at least not anymore) just come out of the woodwork , get married, and gradually get placed back on the map. “Melrose Place” alumni Grant Show has scratched all of these off of his checklist, most recent one being getting married, to Katherine LaNasa. Show’s actually been working steadily. You can see him make countless TV show appearances and season-based shows. He’s currently involved in an upcoming movie that’s presently in the post-production phase, “Born to Race: Fast Track.” Katherine’s certainly no stranger to the camera either. You can see her remind Charlie Sheen of his mother in Two and a Half Men.

The newly weds just purchased a home in the oceanic Marina del Rey area for an astonishing $1.745 million. For starters, the home measures 1,552 sq ft and weighs in with a bedroom count of 4 and 1.5 bathrooms. At least guests won’t have to be concerned with limited sleeping arrangements. But 1,5 bathrooms!? This is blasphemy, this is madness! Regardless, the exterior design of the 1922-built house offers a homey feel and look. The premises is beautifully bordered with white fencing and a gate, the kind that you see in the movie “Pleasantville.” Grant and Katherine (sounds like a new sitcom), visitors, and bystanders would be greeted with a front yard whose grass appears to be so perfeect that it looks fake.

Within the front yard is an open space for a picnic-style bench or two. The front yard can be used for a game of horseshoes, hacky sack, bean bag toss, and a BBQ. Grant and Katherine have no choice because, well, the backside of the house has inadequate space for such activites. The tiny backyard, however, has a jacuzzi. The newly weds must be sure to open the front door with care as they already arrive in the living room, unless they don’t mind hitting the nearby telly. Unfortunately, the layout and size of the living room don’t allow many rearranging options. Actually, none at all. Floor plan includes one dining room that can accommodate about 5 people. Additional seating can be found in the living room, on the couch.

The relatively small kitchen has enough space for people to navigate their way through without bumping whoever’s about to open the oven door and setting the house ablaze. At least Grant and wife get the basics included in the questionable price of the place; microwave, oven, stainless steel faucet, and double-bowl porcelain sink. Oh, and there’s also a convenient hanger for putting up dish rags after use. To put the icing on the cake, Grant and Katherine will be vulnerable to being discovered. Perhaps they’re sociable with non-Hollywood people and actually interact with their fanbase. Nonetheless, the newly weds could’ve done what most Hollywood gems do and shop for something that offers more for their buck.

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