A considerable amount of music veterans are international stars. They managed to have their voices extend from distant places to the states. This particular noted female artist has a residency in Jupiter Island, Florida. You may recognize her voice from the Titanic film soundtrack hit, “My Heart Will Go On.” Comeon, you know it. Celine Dion, Quebec’s own, has been doing exceptionally well. She’s been consistently working for an astonishing two decades! While being one of the most sought-after music artists in the biz today, she’s asking for a whopping $72 million for her Jupiter Island island home.

You’d think that $72 million may be steep. But, once we take a thorough voyage through casa de Dion, you might think otherwise. The premises already looks vast and lush from a distance. If you were to fly above it, then you’d stare in awe. Dion’s Hugh-Hefner-getaway-home-on-steroids was built in 2010 and weighs in at 5.5 acres. It sits on approximately 415 feet of shoreline. No need to take a dip into the ocean, because the Titanic-sized residence is like a water theme park.

All buildings are connected with walkways and pools up the wazoo! Choose to navigate your way through the premises via swimming or walking briskly around the bodies of water. There’s actually a towering two-story gazette with attached water slides and a bridge. There’s no denying how cool this is. The number of houses that Dion’s estate holds puts the Monopoly guy to shame. There’s the 10,000 sq ft main house (with 7,000 sq ft basement), two guest houses, a two-story beach house, and a pool house. The floor plan of the main house offers so many places to cook, eat, and live that it’s ridiculous.

Amenities include a full tennis court, BBQ area, and a personal parking lot. Dion’s Jupiter Island island home also emphasises on seclusion, so privacy and security go along with the asking price. If you have the dough, then why not go for the deal? Especially if you have a medium to large sized family. Fun fact: Celine Dion and her hubby actually designed the entire residency.

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