Do you know who Martin Hilton is? Neither did I, until I accessed IMDB and looked said person up. He is, in fact, the Executive Producer (served as co-Executive Producer for a the first few years of the show) of the widely-viewed reality dating show, “The Bachelor.” He also is Executive Producer of its counterpart, “The Bachelorette,” which has been running astonishingly for 9 consecutive years. The show’s presently on its ninth season. This may very well explain how Hilton has been living like a “bachelor.” Him and his wife, Elizabeth Hilton, have purchased a home in Los Feliz for $2.75 million. The home was once owned by two certain individuals, one of which also owned a club that gave the veteran music band, “Foo Fighters,” a kickstart for their career. Pretty cool, if you ask me.

The Los Angeles residence measures proudly at 3,805 sq ft, with a nice considerable floor plan of 4 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms. The structure stands tall wth two stories of inevitable renovations (house was built in 1922). Acreage also includes a separate on-site structure. It measures somewhere around 750 sq ft. We’ll get to that later though. Lets first focus on the meat of the property! The premises is gated on the side of the main house. This area can potentially accommodate parking. The face of the residency is not star-studded, but rather conveys subtleness and……..some wealth……Front lawn includes a divided pathway. Choose your destiny, for either path will lead to the front door!

Both the roofing and arched front doorway help give off a mediterranean look and feel. On opposite sides of the main entrance to the house lies a bed of moderate vegetation. It’s enough for people to gaze at and not enough to obstruct the front entrance. On the main level are two dining rooms. one of which flows nicely into a living room, which flows nicely out to the patio. The whole floor plan is just……so……flowy! The aforementioned dining room is openly attached to more of an elegant dining nook, along with a Smurf-friendly kitchen (sky blue painted walls). Kitchen is overly generous with furnishings; stainless steel double-door refridgerator, double-stacked oven, microwave, double-bowl sink, and an additional sink.

Additionally, the kitchen envelopes an island table. This table has a built-in stovetop and a large vent over it. The kitchen leads to a good-sized deck for additional seating. The deck also serves as a BBQ area. The deck overlooks a vast grassy backyard which can be mistaken for a dog park. The space it provides can be a dog park if Mr. Hilton and wife wanted it to be. Remember that some-odd 750 sq ft structure that was mentioned earlier? That’s actually a station for gaming, art, or what have you. There’s also a guest suite and office to be had. Good deal, Martin and Elizabeth, good deal.

Address: Unknown