Far too many people believe that only furniture or new floors can change the feeling of their home. This could not be further from the truth as something as simple as a patterned plants can completely change the energy of a home. A home that might feel a bit boring can immediately be turned lively with vibrant colored and patterned plants. The best part of using these to decorate the home is that they will be much more affordable than that of doing a large home renovation.

For those looking for bold when it comes to the colors of their plants, look no further than at a Croton. This plant can offer yellow, red, orange, and purple and are relatively easy to take care of. Just a quick watering a few times a week will be enough as these plants can be incredibly durable.

The Purple Passion is also called the velvet plant due to its coloration. These are commonly planted in hanging baskets so it can help give the home a jungle feel to help liven it up.

Ferns are durable enough to have in the home as well but make sure to opt for one that is a bit more exotic.

The home can be changed in immense ways with the right indoor patterned plants. Take a look at the options today to see how you can get your home looking as great as ever.