The popularity of tiny homes does seem to be fading as it offers convenience that a traditional home cannot. Cleaning up a few hundred square feet is far easier than cleaning a 4 bedroom home with a couple thousand square feet. Camper remodels have started to take the tiny home movement by storm as they are very livable. Modern camper remodels can make a camper as comfortable as a home with far less upkeep.

Small homes give the owner the advantage of being able to travel anywhere they want with their home. Camper remodels can be done at a much more affordable rate than that of a regular home. Having a camper that is remodeled does not mean that you have to live there but it could be the perfect transportation for a road trip with family or friends

This is something that someone that has quite a few student loans they have yet to pay off. The lack of need to pay rent can allow a person to save copious amounts of money. This will take a lifestyle adjustment but it will not be as drastic as many might think. Tiny homes are here to stay as some people enjoy the minimalist lifestyle and this offers the ability to live a free lifestyle without the anchor of a traditional home holding them back.