A large number of people imagine what it might look like in the home of their favorite musician or movie star. Small details like that of the windows or air purifying plants might not be the first things that come to mind. Air purifying plants are important to keep the quality of the air high in a large home. Sprawling mansions are going to have quite a few plants but this list is just for those that making breathing a little easier. Removing toxins is key as well as adding oxygen to the home instead of consuming.

Chamaedorea can be the perfect addition to any home as it can help add an exotic feel to the home. This has been a popular houseplant for quite some time and it is quite easy to care for. This plant comes from Mexico and is quite resilient which is perfect for a home with people going in and out when living the celebrity lifestyle.

Hedera Helix can be great for a home that wants to have a natural feel. This plant twists and turns as it grows making it a one of the kind decoration that also is an air purifying plant. Do not worry if you are forgetful about watering this plant as it can miss a day or two without impacting the overall health of the plant.

As you can see it is important to breathe the best air possible so consider getting an air purifying plant or two.