Lost Ollie, Gina plays a mother in the middle of Kentucky who makes a point to incorporate her own heritage and background into her son’s life. It got Gina thinking about how she’ll do the same as her own family starts to grow.

“I am a mix of cultures and I have many religions,” she said. “There is Christianity, Buddhism and Judaism. There are also Christianity and Christianity. My oldest sister converted to Judaism. Her husband, who is Jewish, does Shabbat. They Really do it. For the weekend, no electronics. The dinner, family time, and togetherness are all welcome.”

Gina said she’s looking forward to integrating all sorts of different aspects of religion and culture into her child’s life—even ones that aren’t expressly her own.

We get to share in that. These traditions were not something I grew up with, but it is amazing to witness them instilled in the lives of my nephews and nieces.” She continued, “And how incredible it brings families together. Because we are involved in these traditions, it can have a profound impact on me and my husband.