This is what it looks like Glen Powell won’t be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe—for now, at least.

This entry was posted on Aug. 23rd, 2009.Maverick is the Top Gun actor, 33, shared whether there was any truth to the rumors of him being cast as Cyclops in an upcoming X-Men movie. 

“Before Comic-Con, everybody was like, ‘Dude, are you Cyclops?’ He shared this during an interview. Variety. “No one has ever called me. “I do not have a Marvel contact number, and I am not sure what the people are talking about.”

Glen was then asked by the interviewer if he wasn’t Cyclops. Maverick: Top Gun co-star, Miles TellerHe suggested that they should have their own spinoff. To which he responded, “I believe that’s more probable.”

Glen also clarified on Twitter that he had not been contacted by Marvel the day after his interview was published. writing“I sound angry, confused and confused. I promise, it’s not.”