Nathalie EmmanuelThis is about girl power.

The Game of Thrones alum stars in the upcoming movie Invitation, a dramatic film that follows Evie (Nathalie) across the pond to England for a wedding, where she meets her long lost family. Walter, an attractive and charming man she meets there.Gossip Girl‘s Thomas Doherty(), who charms and woos her with gifts. 

However, it isn’t all sunshine and daisies. The movie has a surprise twist that sees Evie fighting for her life—much like Nathalie’s character Missandei did in Game of Thrones. There is a huge difference in the survival strategies of these characters. Nathalie said that Evie fights for her own survival. Missandei was quieter and had more strength, I believe.”

Her continued: “Her kind of rebellion was in a more subtle manner because she had been transferred to Daenerys before. (Emilia Clarke) camp, her rebellion HadIt was an important matter of life or death. Evie’s style is modern and akin to ‘I’m going challenge you on every’.