The tragic death of a football star is causing great sorrow in the football community. 

Demaryius ThomasRetired wide receiver, he died. He was a star of the NFL with the Denver Broncos. CelebHomes News received confirmation from Roswell Police District that the deceased athlete was found dead in Roswell, Ga. Preliminary information indicates his death stemmed from a medical issue, according to the police. The spokesperson stated that “our investigators have currently no reason to believe otherwise.” He was 33 years of age when the football star was due to turn 33 on December 25th. 

Thomas, who spent the majority of his career playing football for the Broncos became a Super Bowl Champion when they beat the Carolina Panthers on February 2016. In 2018, the two-time second-team All-Pro went on to play for the Houston Texans, followed by the New England Patriots and New York Jets. 

After more than 10 years in professional football, Thomas announced his retirement in June. Thomas stated that it was “a difficult decision”, a really tough one, at the time of Thomas’ announcement. It was something I had done since childhood. [giving]My best was to keep going and keeping going. I was a football fanatic. Each year, I worked hard to improve my skills. I also knew that I was getting older. While it was hard, it was worth the effort. That was so gratifying and it allowed me to continue my journey. I’m happy, I’m healthy. Now I have the opportunity to try my hand at finding my next passion.”