It is possible that we will have to begin wearing white Wednesdays.
Hearing the good news, I was shocked to learn that Lindsay LohanIs set to take the first step down the aisle.For the mean girls on-screen co-star Ana Gasteyer revealed she’s a “fan” of the upcoming nuptials. While she was on Live Streaming: See What HappensAssoc. Rachel DratchThe Saturday Night Live alum was asked about her thoughts after learning that Lindsay is set to tie the knot with her fiancé Bader Shammas.
Ana stated, “I love marriage. I’m a lover.” During the December 9 episode. In a joke, Ana said that she was willing to try it out for just a couple of minutes. It’s fun. It’s fun to be married.”

It’s over. 17 Years since the two co-starred in the unforgettable comedy, it’s only natural that fans wondered about the last time they spoke—to which Ana revealed was during the virtualFor the mean girlsReunion hosted by Katie CouricIn October 2020.

The following is the latest news in case you didn’t catch it.The Parent Trap On Nov. 28, the alum said that she had finally decided to marry her long-time lover.