Many may be asking: “How did it happen?”! 

Discovery+’s documentary on true crime LuLaRoe: Rise and FallPremiering Monday, December 13, ‘The Cult of LuLaRoe Marketing Company’ examines this cult-like company that markets direct-to consumer apparel brand LuLaRoe. The film partners with BuzzFeed Studios and journalist Stephanie McNeal We will investigate the real reasons behind the collapse of this multi-million dollar company. 

LuLaRoe has no safety net,” says entrepreneur and business coach LuLaRoe. Vivian Kaye In an exclusive sneak peak, he explains. You can’t save yourself if your “business” goes down because you’re not a business. It’s possible to be a retailer for another business, so if that fails, you will get covered. You are out. 

An ex-representative recalls that she was “in an emergency” and couldn’t pay the bills. She reflects on how “we were behind in the house payments and we also had eleven children.” So it was just desperation. “I had hit rock bottom, and I said, “I cannot.”