Everything You Need To Know About Garage Door Safety

Garage doors are generally big and heavy. They can prove to be
dangerous if someone gets caught by a closing door. So if you have installed a
new garage door and have small kids in the house, make sure you be careful.

Whether you want
a repair or replace your garage door, it is always better to call for
professional help. This way you can avert any kind of mishaps from happening.
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Garage Door
Safety For You And Your Family

Like we said, garage doors are heavy and huge. Many of the garage
doors are operated using electric door openers as they are extremely heavy to
be opened manually.

According to reports, garage accidents are common among children. If
you don’t pay attention to your kid while closing or opening your garage door,
anything can happen.

Garage door injuries can also occur from improper installation and
lack of maintenance. You need to take care of your garage door to make sure
that it is operating correctly. So if you want to prevent injuries and
accidents from happening, you should pay attention to your garage door a bit

Garage Safety
Maintenance Tips

Safety is meant for everyone. It’s not just the kids who have a risk
of getting injured from a garage door. The adults are equally vulnerable.

To maintain garage door safety, there are a few important things you
need to keep in mind. The details are:

  • You should install your garage door properly and
    make sure that it is operating correctly.
  • You should provide details instructions or
    warnings regarding the garage door, wherever it is needed.
  • After installing a new garage door, you should
    take a moment to read the maintenance details.
  • You should never walk in or out, under the moving
    garage door. You should also stop your kids and other family members from doing
    the same.
  • You should not let your kids play with remote
    controls or the transmitter.
  • To make things safer for your kids, you should
    explain to them what a garage door is and how they can be so dangerous to them.
    You should also teach them how to behave in front of an opening and closing
    garage door. Tell your kids to keep their fingers, hands, and feet away from
    the garage door.

Garage Door
Maintenance To Prevent Tragedies

All it takes is a few minutes for you to check whether your garage
door is in good condition or not. If it’s working smoothly and no problem is
detected, you have fewer things to worry about. But in case, you feel that your
garage door needs repair or replacement, you should get it done at the
earliest. This is important for the safety of you and your family. With regular
maintenance, you can prevent big bad things from happening.

You need to maintain both your garage door and garage door opener.

For your garage door, you should:

  1. Visual inspection

You should visually check your garage door, once in every month. From
door springs to rollers to cables, you should check all the important parts of
your garage door. You need to make sure that they are all in good condition and
working properly.

  1. Door balance

You are also advised to check the balance of your door. This needs to
be done with the door closed. If you can lift the door with little or no
resistance, then it’s fine. If it doesn’t, then you know that some adjustment
needs to be done.

  1. Lubrication

You should also lubricate the moving parts of your garage door every
month. This will allow them to operate smoothly. 

For the garage door opener:

  1. Reversal test

You need to test the reversing feature of your garage door opener
every month.

  • At first, you need to check the balance of your
    garage door.
  • Now place some paper towels and check whether
    your door reverses without touching the paper towels. 
  • If your door fails the paper towel test, then you
    need to call for professional help.
  1. Additional safety devices

You can make your garage door safer by using additional safety devices
with it. For example, you can use an edge sensor. This is to enhance safety.
The more safety devices you add, the better it is for you.

  1. Force setting test

Another important thing is the force setting test. You need to hold
the bottom of your garage door to complete the force setting test. In case,
your door doesn’t reverse readily, then you can rest assured that your garage
door opener needs professional help.

Garage door safety should not be taken for granted. It can be
dangerous if you do not take proper care of your garage door. With just little
maintenance, you can keep accidents from happening.