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Chances are your home has a granite countertop or another surface composed of granite. While granite does require more thorough cleaning and maintenance than other countertops, such as quartz, there are still some simple ways to keep your granite looking new and fresh. 

Only use soap and water 

Warm water and unscented soap are the best way to keep your granite in the best shape. While water and soap are the basic cleaning supplies of any home, this could be a setback if you enjoy using scented products or need to clean with disinfectant materials. 

Which cleaning products to use

When using a product to prevent the spread of germs, choose one without acids or any abrasives. This will keep your counter from being scratched. 

Do not stand or kneel on countertops 

We all have that one friend or child that likes to come into the kitchen and have a seat right on the countertop. With granite countertops, it is extremely important not to put too much weight on them. This includes no sitting, standing, or kneeling. Granite is more suspectable of breaking than other countertops. 

Clean up stains immediately 

Even if you are in a rush or live a busy life, granite stains will have to be cleaned as soon as they happen. Try not to leave the house or go to bed with the kitchen still dirty. Granite is more likely to stain if the mess happened with oil. 

Quickly blot the stain first followed by a thorough cleaning with soap and water. 

What to do if you get permanent staining

Buying or making a special product called a poultice paste is the best idea. Get the stain wet with a small amount of the paste, then apply a very thick layer to the stain and the surrounding area. Tightly place a piece of plastic around it and leave it untouched for two days. 

It will then need to be removed with a spatula, rinsed with clean water, and gently dried. 

Avoid placing hot pans on the counter

Any hot or heavy object should not be placed directly on the counters. Special mats or devices must be bought in order to keep the counters safe. Since granite can be easily scratched and broken, they are not the best choice for families with small children or kitchens with limited counters. 

Avoid soap scum 

Scum and other dirt can build up easily on granite. When cleaning use a cloth, clean cloth, and hot soapy water. Dry with a paper towel, do not allow it to air dry or to be dried with a towel. 

Seal all the countertops

Certain types of granite will need to be sealed in order to make sure it stays looking new for as long as possible. You can determine whether it will need to be sealed or not by doing a simple test at home. 

Soak a plain paper towel in water and then lay it on the counter for about five minutes. After you remove the paper towel, check to see if the counter is discolored. If you notice a dark patch, all the granite will need to be sealed. 

There are some options that are a perfect alternative to the high maintenance up-keeping of granite countertops. Quartz is the number one option for easy counters that will last through spilling, messes, and day-to-day life. 

Reasons to choose quartz over granite 

There are endless reasons why quartz is a better option than granite. It is one of the strongest minerals found on earth, and can even be found in environments where other rocks and stones have been washed away. Quartz is naturally durable, as well as resistant to heat and scratches. Read about it here and learn the amazing benefits of quartz. 

Resistant to almost every single element 

Unlike granite, quartz is resistant to acids, oil, any food or drink spills, and virtually any kind of stain. This means you will not have to slave over constantly cleaning your counter for every tiny spill or piece of food left behind. 

Quartz is nonporous 

Since it is nonporous, it is much less likely to be affected by mold, mildew, and many other types of bacteria. It is naturally much stronger and durable than granite. 

Never needs resealing 

Once your beautiful quartz counters are installed, never think about them again. Granite will need to be resealed almost every 2-5 years which can be costly and time-consuming. Quartz surfaces will never need to be resealed. 

Heat resistant 

When cooking and doing your daily activities, the kitchen will of course get hot. Multiple burners going at the same time, an oven heating up dinner, and hot pots are just a natural part of cooking delicious meals for the whole family. 

Quartz countertops are naturally heat resistant and will not break or crack when something hot is put on them. Quartz stays strong, unlike granite, which naturally weakens and breaks down the longer you use it. 

Better for children 

Living a busy life with children can often be more stressful if any of the surfaces or items in your house need to be constantly monitored or kept away from the children. Quartz is perfect for sticky fingers, cooking with your children, and overall, the daily activities that are part of being a parent. 

Aesthetically appealing 

Not only does quartz offer a much better option for durability and safety, but they are also much more visually appealing. Quartz is one of the most beautiful minerals on earth and can be designed to match any home and its unique features. You will have many more options when choosing quartz over granite. 

Easier to clean

Unlike granite, you can use any household cleaner on quartz. You will not have to buy any special products or soaps when having quartz in your kitchen. This makes it much easier to clean after a long day, as well as easier to ensure that your kitchen is free of germs and harmful bacteria.