That shouldn’t be a problem, though—after all, the show is specifically inspired by Dolly AldertonThe memoir is by the same author. Emma plays wild child Maggie, who’s living with her childhood BFF Birdy (Bel Powley) and their university pals Nell (Marli) and Amara (Aliyah) in a London house-share. They do everything the average 20-something does—including dating around—but at the end of the day, the show’s central love story is the friendship between Maggie and Birdy. 

“I think [friendships] always get the backseat treatment for a romantic relationship being front and center,” Emma told CelebHomes News, “but I think it makes you realize that there is so much romance in friendships and especially being in your early 20s, your longest relationships have been with your friends and so it’s so nice to just pay attention to that and pay respect to it.”

The Peacock series also pays close attention to the specific sort of chaos that comes with this in-between period of life, which nostalgia often downplays, Marli explained. When you get older you might be able to see it as if you had so much fun, she explained. But at the moment, it was not. It can get messy.”

Hear more from Marli, Emma and Aliyah in the above CelebHomes News interview. 

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