Rhodes also said that Mike finds a way of balancing Tyson’s truths—including the highs of his boxing glory to the lows of his 1992 rape conviction—while still making him feel like a human being.

He said, “It’s understanding and being present in the complexity of man.” It’s a blessing to have been able to communicate it, and show my unique side.

It wasn’t only Rhodes that was denied access to the player in real life he played, but many others as well. Russell HornsbyCelebHomes News spoke to Don King who is a controversial boxing promoter and Tyson confidant. He said that he also felt the same way about not being able to see the now-91-year old.

Hornsby said that it would be nice to have had the opportunity to meet Don over a cup if tea or coffee. You can sit with Don for several hours or a full day and get an idea of his thinking process, and the things he is living with.