Scott PattersonOne scene in particular had caused him distress, he said. Gilmore Girls.

Patterson spoke out on Aug. 24 about the time he was playing Luke Danes diner manager that caused him to feel “some type of meat stick.” Scott Patterson, I Am All In podcast.

He recalled one scene from the show’s third season, in which Lorelai (Lauren GrahamSookie (Melissa McCarthyThey are seen talking about Luke (Patterson’s) back while Patterson is fixing the stove. Sookie notes that his backside has “a nice shape to it,” Patterson remembered. 

He then shared his personal feelings about filming the scene and reflected on how “disturbing” it was for him. 

It is shocking because it makes you feel like an object. He said that it was disturbing, it is disgusting, and he had to bear it through the whole scene. “It was the most disturbing time I have ever spent on that set. It was the most difficult time I have ever spent on that set.