Looking for a classy, warm, cozy, spacious home in the LA area? You may want to add that of which is Oscar holder, and 50’s actress, Eva Marie Saint. She has also been working fairly steadily in the 70’s and 80’s. Eva Saint also played Superman’s mom in the 2006 Superman flick, Superman Returns. She can be seen in the latest fantasy mystery drama, Winter’s Tale. Saint may not be growing weary of cinema or TV, but she has done so with her yellow abode on Mandeville Canyon Rd. It was purchased from her in 77′ by a couple who are looking to get $5.395 million on the 4 bed and 6 bath.

The estate was built in 1939, and it looks better than ever both inside and out! It maintains a clean long and narrow front porch, sports formal and casual dining, has a spacious kitchen with modern touches, reading room, a fireplace indoor, and a fireplace outdoor that’s part of a relaxing shady lounge. House measures 4,120 sq ft and sits on 1.81 acres, so a pool and hot tub can easily be arranged. Eva Marie Saint’s former house is truly a one-floor estate that shouldn’t be ruled out of anyone’s real estate shopping list.

Address: 2410 Mandeville Canyon Rd, Los Angeles CA 90049