People may secretly frown upon those who are in the pizza business. But, not the founder of Papa John’s, who would have the right to frown upon us on any given day. John Schnatter went from selling his 72′ Camaro for pizza-making equipment to establishing a triumphant business. I mean, it’s quite difficult to resist the dipping of the crust into that free thing of garlic butter sauce they give you with your pizza, or that cookie pizza Papa John’s now has. Alright, I’ll shut up. But, we must discuss his home which has been on the market for about 2 1/2 months. It’s said to be “the most expensive condo to ever be listed for sale in Utah.”

For roughly $18 million buckaroos, you’ll get one of two Papa John’s 11th floor units of the St. Regis Deer Valley building. and 6, 829 sq ft of living space. 5 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms are also included. The key feature that can be agreed upon is the views that are offered via en suite balconies. Lets not leave out the other toppings though: formal dining, master kitchen, game room, reading/study room, wine cellar, office, fireplaces, and butler service! If you want a slice of this pie, then you’ll need hungry pockets. But in the end, it may all be worth it.

Address: 2300 Deer Valley Dr Unit #1102, Park City UT 84060