Vincent Chase is also well-known for his role in EntertainmentAdrian was most recently a lead role in 2021 Netflix’s mini-series ClickbaitIn, he was Nick Brewer.

Adrian, age 45, has previously spoken out about his decision not to continue working in Hollywood, but instead live a more simple lifestyle away from the spotlight. According to Austin Life magazine’s June 2021 cover interview, Adrian shared how he bought the property in 2004 and moved into an Austin farm in 2020. 

He spoke out about the unhappy life that fame can bring, and he decided to make a change in his priorities. His words were, “If you are hardworking, you can become famous. Then you get a lot more money.” But it was lagging at the top.

“It’s too hard to believe that I am here to do more than go to nightclubs. What I need now is more. “I want something new now,” he said. I’ll pass those memories on to the children.”

He was able to see the positive side of life and decided to live with Jordan.