Michael StrahanHe isn’t a normal dad.

Particularly when it is about his 17-year old daughters IsabellaAnd SophiaTheir relationships. I am very cool. Good Morning AmericaCelebHomes News exclusive: The host spoke exclusively to CelebHomes News during promotion of his show The $100,000 Pyramid. Respectful young men, just be. Respectful behavior is the best. “I was once your age.”

He doesn’t shy away from sharing his feelings with his girls (which he also shares with them with ex). Jean MuggliHis true thoughts. He is not my favorite person. He needs to go. Strahan said that “he’s wasting time.” He also shared two other children with Strahan from separate relationships.

Strahan adopts the same mentality with his children that his parents used for him. He said, “It is your life.” You learn from your mistakes. You can always count on me if you are in need.”

Yes, both emotionally and physically. He continued, saying that his children are the most important thing in life. They are my heart, and I’m there wherever they go.