Two of the pandemic’s biggest social media stars have their eyes set on the small screen.  

Mandy PatinkinYour wife Kathryn GrodyThe slice-of life videos of, were filmed by son Gideon Grody – PatinkinThey were comfort food for many during the COVID-19 pandemic and will star in Showtime’s pilot called Seasoned.

“The show is inspired by the couple’s real life and relationship,” according to Variety. It follows the charmingly turbulent relationship and life of an affable, warm, committed, somewhat insane, married couple.

Mandy and Kathryn will play the couple as they get married, you might guess. Gideon has been a part of the creation process.

Mandy and Kathryn, along with their 34-year old son Gideon, fled to New York’s upstate home. Gideon began recording videos of his eccentric and loving parents to have fun. But he soon realized that he was not the only one who enjoyed them.

Gideon posted the videos on Facebook, which includes this one about pizza ratThis video has been viewed almost 200k times and inspired two legends.