Elisha CuthbertThe curtain is being pulled back.

Looking back at a time earlier in her career The CellarThe actress said that she was forced to take a cover photo for a highly sexualized magazine because there wasn’t an option.

“We sorta ended up being in a place at the time that this was really happening,” she said during the August 22 episode. Broad Ideas With Rachel Bilson podcast. “Halle BerryFor God’s sake, I was doing it. Jennifer AnistonIt was a great idea.”

Reminiscing on photo shoots from “the [film]studio asked you to do.” She added that “We were probably too young for that and felt pressured to do it.”

And while years have passed, Elisha—who is mom to daughter ZaphireThe 4-, 6- and 6-month-old sons Fable—noted that those photos haven’t exactly disappeared.

Elisha stated, “This is the message I need to convey to my children.” This bizarre, strange outfit with hair extensions. What’s the most bizarre part? “I don’t know how accurate these pictures actually are, as far as airbrushing is concerned.”