Summer is about summer love, basketball, and sizzling vacations.

Gabrielle UnionAnd Dwyane Wade are letting loose on vacation in Mallorca, Spain. You are the. Get It on actress shared images of the couple glowing in the Spain sunshine while on a boat this week.

Gabrielle captioned the Aug. 19 post, “Its begun.” The #WadeWorldTour2022 hashtag was appropriately used by Gabrielle. 

The pair enjoyed spa days in Spain, passing footballs to each other on the yacht, riding jet skis and romantic dinners complete with rose petals.  

The couple even embrace some PDA, and they posted a video of them sharing a tender kiss via TikTok while Gabrielle feels a Spanish breeze blow through her hair.

Gabrielle said on TikTok, that their alone time was so important.

On one occasion, the couple took a boat to eat lunch, where Gabrielle was seen wearing a turquoise dress over a neon green swimsuit. Gabrielle described the August 21 lunch as “Not your typical lunch.” Que Bueno!