A big sense of accomplishment is the best thing. Community

The show aired for six seasons, ending with a 2015 finale that left dedicated viewers hoping for a movie. The possibility of an a Community movie has been teased over the year,  series creator Dan HarmonHas a promise update for fans.

Harmon told Newsweek August 22 that there is an outline. The product is ready to be launched in the market. It’s amazing how real this is, I suppose.

Harmon says that fans shouldn’t get too excited. He adds, “That is probably enough to make people mad when…” [there’s nothing]A year from now. This doesn’t automatically mean that there won’t be another movie in a year. This means that there will be one.

Fans won’t be subject to the “psychological torture” Harmon called it. They can just wonder if they are being psychologically tortured. CommunityMovie dreams can come true. 

Harmon stated, “I don’t want to feel guilty for causing that sensation,” after comparing Harmon’s update with getting hungry kids excited about a McDonald’s visit. Sometimes it takes so much time.