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Are we the only ones experiencing it? EverybodyOn Instagram, is anyone currently on holiday in Italy? Are you planning to go on a European summer vacation? You can still enjoy a summer vacation even if it’s not your home. Sometimes the most enjoyable part of a vacation are the outfits that you create. You don’t have to be out of town this summer, so why not sport those looks?

We’re currently having major fun scrolling through Instagram while at work. So we have gathered 18 looks that we would wear to Italy on our summer vacation. Think easy, chic styles and Diane Lane in The Tuscan Sun. We want to look breezy and effortlessly cool like Italian locals and those on a luxurious vacation.

From bathing suits to linen styles to flowing midi dresses, scroll below for 18 styles from Amazon, Nordstrom Rack, Revolve, and more that you’ll love this summer.