He’s the only TV talk show host who regularly has a talking robot on the show that can do possibly the best Morgan Freeman impersonation you’ve ever heard. Scotland’s Craig Ferguson eventually found his way to Los Angeles like most do. “The Late Late Show”has been running for 8 years and continues to do so with utmost strength. Ferguson’s show isn’t the only thing his success stems from. You can hear his voice in How To Train Your Dragon and the upcoming sequel. All of this bacon Craig’s been bringing home allowed him to purchase a 0.21 acre property, which he managed to sell back in May for $1.74 million.

The 1930 two story house itself measures 2,565 sq ft, with a 4 bed and 4 bath floor plan. The premises is a spacious spanish-style hidden retreat that would suit a getaway or permanent residency. The home offers soothing and luxurious views, has a community-sized pool area (comes with a diving board), and comes with a security system plus more. You could’ve pushed for at least $2 million, Craig.

Address: 6248 Winans Dr, Los Angeles California 90068