Jay-Z may have 99 problems, but money is apparently not one of them. Him and his wife’s name, Beyonce Knowles, speak on behalf of their individual and partnered success. Such personal and tag-team accomplishments led them to not owning, but renting a 16,500 sq ft home in a place no other than the Hamptons. One can fairly imagine the triumphant dynamic duo renting other royal pads in other parts of New York and, perhaps, outside of the country. This is setting aside the fact that they’ve been paying $400,000 a month to occupy the 11.5 acre property. Forget about Justin Beliebing or Selena Gomez. Jay-Z and Beyonce’s child has been living it up at 6 months old in the “Sandcastle.”

The Hamptons, alone, has been known for years to strictly welcome the rich with open arms. Jay-Z and Beyonce’s 2009 palace rental sports 9 bedrooms and 11.5 bathrooms. It boasts extensive parking, wide and lush balcony views from the rear (top floor), formal/casual dining, large kitchen, high-class office/library room, large authentic theater room, bathrooms the size of a master bedroom, personal tennis court, personal fully-equipped gym w/ indoor basketball court, *gasps for air* full children’s play room, pool house, lengthy personal pool that caters to many seating arrangements, and hot tub. Oh yes, the house also has a personal bowling alley and there’s a fireplace in almost every single room. There’s even one in the backyard!

Address: 612 Halsey Ln, Water Mill NY 11976